I Just Want To Say Thank You

Dear Jesus,
Sweet Loving Jesus. I abide in you! You are my Shelter. You are my Safe Harbor! You are My King.
I Trust in You! No matter what may come my way..No matter the storms  I may face..No matter the battles that may come..I Trust in You!
Jesus things may not make sense to me right now and I may not be able to see in front of me of whats to come. But that Is Ok because I know the one who holds tomorrow also holds my heart and my life in His Hands and I will not fear the unknown but will go into like a Warrior ready for battle!
I will Not be swayed and I will not be moved! I am yours and you are mine! I Trust in you!
There are days Jesus when I question it all and I wonder what is going on. I know that in the questioning you do not get upset because you want me to communicate with you.
As long as I do not grow weary and do not loose Hope in the wilderness..You will sustain me and you will guide me into the place of Rest in you!
Jesus you are my Friend! You are my Hope in Glory! You are my King and my Fortress!
Jesus you are My Happily Ever After!
Thank you for Loving me through all my mess! Thank you for never giving up on me while I have been so stubborn and hard headed at times! Thank you for Believing in me and Loving me until I could Love myself! Thank you for being you and allowing me to be me!
I love you more than I could ever explain with words and I am going to spend the rest of my life showing you my love by Glorifying you with my life and Loving others to you!
Thank you! I love you!


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