The Mighty Divide..The Mighter Harvest

This will be  the season of great triumph as the shift is comming to an end. But will also be season of the great divide.
The divide is there already..deep rooted from days of old…but like an earthquake  the fault line of division is starting to shake/quake.. this will cause a greater divide than ever before.
There will be a mighty uprising to signify this divide and a greater falling away.
To some this may seem hopeless but to me I see nothing but hope.
The harvest, the ones looking for peace, for direction are going to be searching! And we who carry the light of love will be there!
When there is conflict, darkness seems to be overtaking, it is there that the light of Jesus shines the brightest!
Like a single candle in the dark the way will be shown. And the more the candles..less the darkness.
So yes the season of the great divide is at hand but Praise God the greatest Harvest is too.
Be love!! Be the love light of Jesus!
Be Bold! Be You!


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