Wake Up!

​Pain, Fear…

Hurt, Future unclear…

Drugs, Sex, Oppression..

Anger, Violence, Desperation.

A heart that has grown cold,

A vision hidden never to be told,

Looking for love on the streets,

Looking For Hope, hiding reality with every hit of dope,

Searching, Hiding,

Fighting, Dying,

Tomorrow is another day they say,

But what about the ones who lost their life to the game today?

We have to stop this madness,Can you not see? 

And that starts with you and with me!

Babies having babies,

And the cycle continues,

Girls getting used and abused,

All in the name of love,

What have we become?

We hide within the shadows of the steeple,

We no longer are moved by the cries of desperation from  our people.

We are comfortable in our little groups in the pews,

Ignoring the cries of help for we feel there is nothing we can do,

Wake up!

We were created for this!

We were created to be Jesus with skin and not lucifer with a grin!

Ignore your selfish pride and no longer behind the pastor hide.

We are loosing this battle the truth be told!

We are loosing this fight no matter how many wanna say what’s wrong is wrong and what’s right is right!

We are suppose to love the person and hate the sin,

We were created to look past what they do and look at the Child of God within!

Instead so many throw the bible in the lost ones face,

And condemn them to hell,

And tell them their life is a disgrace.

We then wonder why so many have fallen away,

We scared them off with the religious doomsday.

We were created by love to be love! 

Not by hate to judge their ways! 

We have to get it together it’s almost to late,

For the enemy is telling them their identity and their fate.

We have to come together as one body of Christ and Release a Holy Ghost intervention,

To bring The Love of our Father to  this Fatherless Generation!




Be Love Not Hate!

You do not have to agree with a persons lifestyle but you should still show them love and respect.
I have some dear friends that I deeply love who live differently than I do. And thats ok! I love them for the person that they are and not what they do.
I think so many get stuck on a persons actions and fail to see past that. They never get to know the amazing person that they truly are.
What they fail to realize is by loving the person for who they are and not what they do you are building a bridge of respect and trust which One day God will use to open the door for His Love to be spoken into their heart. And if that oppurtunity never comes that is ok. God knows what he is doing and He may be using you just to soften their hearts and take down their protective walls, so that when God puts another person in their life to be a vessel of love to speak His love into their hearts, they will be ready then to receive it!
We are in a differnet and new season of so many prodigals starving for peace, love, and acceptance!
Be the beacon of Hope and Love  and not of Hate and Judgment!
Speak life and not condemn!
A New breed rising requires a deeper reflection of who Jesus is and Who we are in Him! A new way for a new season and Jesus is Always the guide! And not our Pride or the Religous Spirit!


To feel that you are unloved is such a sad thing. So many feel this way and if they only knew, only believed that they are worthy of love and do deserve to be loved! The love of Abba is life changing and is life giving!
I felt that I was unloved for a long time, even though I had family that loved me dearly I still felt so unloved.
I searched through men, drugs, and anything to feel loved and to feel like I belong. Along the way there were a few men who said they loved me but they were to good I had to have the bad ones. Because I felt so bad about myself only the bad ones would do cause they were mean and hurtful and that’s what I felt I deserved and in my damaged mind I thought that was love.
I was like a lost puppy for so many years looking for love begging people to love me.
It was not Until Jesus was able to finally break down my walls I had built of protection and I was healed from inside out of so much pain and I was at a place where I could receive His Beautiful love.
The love of Jesus gave me the strength to love myself.  Jesus’ love gave me courage to face the enemy head on and reclaim all that he had stolen from me. The love  of Jesus broke through the darkness and showed me just how beautiful true, pure love is and I have never been the same!
So please know that no matter what people have told you and what people have said to you to damage your heart…You are worthy so worthy of love and you do deserve to be loved!

Revelation of Love

From years of learning to take care of herself and defend herself, she has built up walls.
From years of being told she was never good enough, and other harsh words, she has learned to keep people at a distance because they will sooner or later turn on her.
From years of never belonging she has learned to not even try to belong because she will not be accepted anyway.
From years of the meaning of love being distorted and only conditional, she has never been able to accept love from others, and not dare love herself.
She has given up the fight, not that she wants to die, but just tired so tired of the same harsh treatment day in and day out and so she is numb to it all and just goes daily through the motions of life not feeling, not caring, just being…
Then one night as she was praying with tears and the only word she could say was Jesus..
She felt this warmth all around her and this light within that has flickered away began to get brighter.
 And all at once she heard the sweetest voice so loving and gently say: “You are mine. I am yours. You are my beautiful one, you are my sweet Precious one.
You are favored and adored among the Saints that surround you so. If only you could see how much you are loved and then you would no longer feel so alone, outcast.
The harsh words are not of me… Give me those words, give me those harsh names, and I will take them and put them into the furnace of deceit.
 I call you by your name which is Love, Adored, Revived, Redeemed, and Restored. You are more precious to me than the finest gold and more beautiful than the rarest ruby. Allow my love in to heal you and restore your hope, your faith.
I will not hurt you and I will never leave you. Allow me to show you what unconditional love is and I will teach you how to love and be loved. I am yours and you are mine!”
From that day on baby steps to her new identity, her new life, where she loves others and is able to recieve their love. Her walls of protection  are now Bridges of redemption.
All of this because she was loved first by the one who is love! She was shown that she can spread her wings and be free because her confidence is growing and her attitude is no longer the victim but now victorious.
She has learned that others can love with out expecting anything in return and that everyone doesnt leave but there are those who will stay no matter what.
All because she cried out in desperstion and God gave her a sweet Revelation of Love.

Forgivness Brings Freedom

When you have been Redeemed by the Grace and Mercy of Jesus you have to Believe that you are Redeemed and stop condemning yourself for things of the past.
I have met some amazing people whom God had set free from many different things but they still walk around with their head down in defeat because they have not allowed the forgiving love of Jesus to consume them.
They have already been forgiven but have yet to forgive themselves and therefore condemnation is birthed and they feel defeated.
You are Redeemed! Let Go and Forgive yourself through the Holy Love of Jesus!
Condemnation is not of God! The enemy condemns but Jesus Says you are forgiven!
To truly walked in Redemption you have to let it all go!
Forgive and Love brings upon Hope and Life!

Prison Door Is Open

I remember when I was on drugs and I was with whomever was the person who was pimping me. We went from hotel to hotel and there were many times looking back now  I see that I could have ran away and just left. I was left in hotel room many time alone while waiting on next client or waiting on my Pimp to get back with drugs. I could have left! The door was right there and I could have left that dark prison but I did not I stayed. I allowed the fear I had towards my pimp and my hunger for the drugs to keep me a prisoner.
It got me to thinking there are so many Christians that are a prisoner of their fear…and so they stay in the prison of their own making while the door to freedom is right there wide open for them to step through. But they never reach their full potential, who God created them to be because they allow the fear to keep them paralyzed to ever move out the door of freedom and take that step of Faith!
Trust in Jesus!! His Love will strengthen you and will make the fear disappear! It just takes one step of Faith for you to see that the fear was all in your head put there  by the enemy to keep you a prisoner.
Once you take that first step of Faith..take another then another and with each step your confidence in Jesus and yourself becomes stronger and before you know it you are soaring above all that kept you prisoner in the first place!!
The prison door is open! Go!!

Cry of Desperation Brings Forth Miracles

To continue to stand on the promises of Jesus within your heart, when you come to another setback and to be able to continue to fight when you feel like “whats the point” is the hardest thing to do and yet is the one thing that miracles are made of. Because when you come to the end of you and you still don’t give up but stand strong..then now is the time Jesus is in control and He is ready and able to produce through you the life giving love that will bring forth Hope into the world.
And all it took for this to be activated is for you to finally surrender and cry out to Jesus:
“I am done Jesus! I have tried you know I have tried to do this life my way for so long and I have tried to make things work they way I think they should but all I have done is made a mess of things. Oh Jesus please take this, take it all! I can not in my own strength make sense of anything. I am done, Please Jesus I need you! I feel like I am drowning and there is no way out. Jesus I give all to you! You are in control now! I surrender Jesus! I surrender all to you! Have your way in me!” Amen.
One cry of surrender in desperation opens the heavens wide open! MP