Help Me God

​Help me God to get past me to see them,

To get past my pain to see their brokenness within.

Help me God to show all who I come in contact with your love,

When all I feel is so weary, so undone.

I need to realize that this life is no just about me,

But about those precious ones dying to be set free, Oh God I pray so dearly that they see you in me.

Help me God to show your grace,

To be a hand of mercy, to be a compass of love to those who have lost their way.

Help me Lord to get past my pride, so that I can be used by you to find those precious few,

Who are in need of hope, desperate for love, and longing for a friend.

Teach my Lord! Help me Lord! Show me Lord the way.

May I be your beacon of hope, and your vessel of praise,

For all to see, so that they will know

That you are so very real,

So very close,

A forgiving, loving father,

Who is in constant search for your precious and unconditionally loved sons and daughters.



Forgive, Letgo, Live!

So someone said something bad about you that isn’t true.
It hurt your feelings I get that and for that I am so truly sorry. But you can not stay in the victim mindset allowing offense to wrap you up in self pity. Because if you do you will be stuck, frozen in time to that hurtful word.
You will neither move forward or backward but will remain angry and self absorbed and everything that happens that is the slightest not good will reopen that wound.
You have to forgive and Letgo. I know trust me I know that is so much easier said than done. Ofcourse it is and anyone who tells you they did it instantly is not being truthful.
When the hurt runs deep you will have to pray and ask God to heal you and help you to forgive. Letting Go comes easy once you forgive. Because when you forgive, truly forgive, you have allowed Love to replace the pain and in doing so it wiped that offense away and the victim is now a conqueror..A Warrior of Love.
I have lived in turmoil of one form or another my whole life. Don’t get me wrong I have had a life full of love but also there has been lots of angry and hateful words thrown my way by people I love. God has shown me how to have thick skin but a tender heart..Took a long time for him to teach me that because of my stubbornness but He did and it’s truly living when you are no longer angry all the time.
To love is to forgive!
To Forgive is to set free!
To Letgo is to allow God to be God!
So you can be You, free of anger and overcome with Love!
Be Blessed💖MP

Seek Gods Love and Acceptance 

​Stop trying to make people accept and love you! You will end up being the one left alone and hurting. Especially when its the wrong people that God doesn’t want in your life but you try to force a change in the situation,  which never will change. The right people, who God wants in your life will love you unconditionally and believe in you so much to the point that their belief in you gives you strength to believe in yourself!

For years….I have tried to make certain people love me and accept me..they say the words we love you but as you know words are meaningless with no action. And they have never accepted me completely and they never will.

Took God alot of patience with me. I did not want to let go of those people..I for whatever reason just knew I could make them love me and accept me for me. So I returned to those people…got heart broken..left them alone..then wanted to try again..and same thing happen over and over…God had to grow me up and show me that not all people are meant to be in your life forever but just for a season. When you try to force those people to remain in your life for your own reasons and Not Gods reason…..then it will never turn out good. Let them go and move on  so you can be free and not be  bound to your past.

You are the holder of your destiny and God is your guide, teacher..Seek His love and acceptance only and you will never be led astray by your emotions.

Freedom comes in letting go!MP

Desert Wilderness

​If you listen to the lies of the enemy long enough..they will become truths to you.

You dont purposely believe the lies, your just in a place of desert land in the wilderness. What I mean by that is your in the desert, isolated, and so thirsty for anything that will bring you some kind of feeling that you are living. And you are surrounded by wilderness..being tested everyway by the enemy to get you to fall. 

So the lies the enemy tells you in this tender place in your life, become comfort because your not alone. You don’t known its the enemy. You think its God. And don’t feel bad that you do. Believe me when I tell you that you are not alone.

The key is yo pray! On every word you hear pray to God! He is there with you. He has not and never will leave you nor forsake you. 

Believe in what God tells you in prayer and cast down the lies. 

Gods love is surrounding you even now. Even when you feel all alone and nothing is happening.

You may be in the desert wilderness so that you will cry out to God. By crying out to God your faith and trust in Him is being strengthened. 

Every season God puts us in is for a reason. Lean on God in this time,  seek God in this time, and you will find what you dont know you are searching for…meaning to this life.MP

Walk in Love

​Do not allow how others treat you or just completely outcast you to make you feel any less than  the amazing person that you are. And do not allow that hurt to turn to anger because it will quickly cross over and be bitterness. Bitterness is a nasty thing. Bitterness in your life because of hurt will quickly cause you to lose your peace and be a prisoner of your hurt.

I was bitter for a long long time. I was miserable! I allowed others actions or lack of, to make me question my own walk with the Lord. Jesus taught me that His own people did not accept him and yet He still loved them. 

You have to chose to forgive and to love! Even those that don’t show you any love and those that keeps you at distance.

  I know it doesn’t make any sense why some people are the way they are. We are not meant to understand it all. If we were we would be God and ofcourse we are not.

Love them! Love through your hurt and Praise God in the pain. And Always Forgive! Even if you feel they don’t deserve your forgiveness. Remember God forgave you in your lowest and loved you to His Highest!


Woman of God Rise!

​Woman of God you are called to rise and take your place amongst the saints and the warriors who have gathered together as one for such a time as this.

The anointing on you to cast out demons, heal the sick, break the chains of those in bondage, and just to love all to Jesus…is mighty and strong because the Power you have within. 

Jesus is your strength and your shield and gives you the power you have within  by the anointing upon you to do all these in His name.

This is not the time to hide away and stay in your comfort place. To many precious ones are counting on you.

So trust in God and just believe and allow your faith to carry you. 

Rise Woman of God! Rise Warrior of Love! The time of release and conquer has come! MP

Just Be!

​Release yourself from past mistakes, past times you may have fallen, past pain, past hurt, allow yourself to be free of all this!

Then you will feel the freedom that comes when just give yourself a break! And let go!

Let it all go and live! Let it all go and be free and have peace!

You are only as far in this walk with God as you allow yourself to be. You don’t have to be perfect, always know what to do or to say. You just need to be and allow God just to heal you from inside out daily, as He is doing this He is developing within His chatacter. 

Stop striving to be a “Christian” and just be yourself. By being yourself your being a Christian cause that is Who you are. So just be! Take a deep breath and let all the preconceived ideas and rules of religion go!

So many precious ones get burned out so fast because they think they have to be all straight and narrow. Yes the bible says straight and narrow path to heaven. But to me that means there are different, many different paths you are given in this life to chose to walk..and you should chose the path with Jesus…that verse does not mean that you have to live a life of being perfect never ever making a mistake. 

We all have to make mistakes and spend time in the valley because this is where  we are learning, growing,..if you never were in the valley then there would never be a need for a Savior.

So just live! Be free! And stop being so hard on yourself! You will see this life is so much more full of peace and love! And living!MP