Time for Healing

My Child of Healing,
You have been hurt and you have become distant from me at times because you’re afraid that I may hurt you and I know that you are angry with me for all that has happened to you. My child, the things that have happened to you were not of my orchestrating! I did not cause those that hurt you to hurt you, I did not cause those who have left you to leave you, and I did not cause those who have said things to cause you so much pain to say those things. That was not of me, I would never do that to my Precious Child. No, these things were of the enemy who will use whoever and whatever to cause you pain and to cause you to distance yourself from me, to doubt me, to fear me, to be angry with me.
My Child, I am God yes, I control all, except Free Will and some peoples Free Will is controlled by the evil one and since that is so this is sadly why what has happened to you has happened the way it has. I want to say that I am truly sorry for all the pain you have had to endure at the hands of others. It Truly did break my heart to watch you cry all those times you cried, you were not alone though. I was there holding you and comforting you and just let you cry.
Oh, my Sweet Child, I cannot wait for you to truly believe that I am for you, never against you. I will never leave you nor forsake you, and I will never hurt you! I will so gladly take your anger upon me and I will never return that anger. Because I love you so unconditionally and so truly that I would move Heaven and Earth to get to you and I have time and time again!
Please come to me, abide in me, and allow me to do a deep healing within you. The healing will be done at your pace and no hurry and only what you can handle. I will be gentle and will be there holding your hand through it all. When healing is in the process you will start to unguard your heart and you will be able to freely love and receive love. Once you’re able to give me your hurt and your past then I will Shout in Victory, because that means your trust in me is being restored and the anger is melting away.
Trust the process my Beautiful One and know I am there with you every step of the way!
Abba, Father God


Cone Home

From the beginning of time I have predestined my children for the life they were meant to live with me. So many have gotten off the track to freedom in me, a life of abundance, by following their own path. 

Even so My love has not lessened, but my heart has grown heavy for my lost sheep. I am a Father and my love for my children, no matter where they are in life, is Real, is unconditional.
My Child, Return to me those who have wandered and I will give you Rest from your torments. Return to me my prodigals and I will walk with you on your road to recovery from the wounding’s you received on your way. Return to me my precious child, all is forgiven, I will hold you and I will teach you, as a parent teaches a baby to walk..I will hold your hand and steady your step until one day you can walk on your own and even then I am right beside you incase you need me. Return to me and I will welcome you with arms wide open, waiting for you.
No love is greater than the love I have for all my children. No peace is greater than the peace I give.
Come Home! It is time! Come Home!
All is forgiven! All is forgotten!
Time for restoration and release!
I am Here! Come to Me!

Let Go

​Precious One,

To be free in me but still hold on to the wrongs you did in the past, is a false state of freedom that will never last. You have to forgive yourself so that you can fully receive my forgiveness that is there waiting for you. Then and only then will you know the true resurrection power of the cross. Then you will be truly free from the past that binds you. You are keeping yourself in bondage and not allowing my forgiveness to flow through you. You are unable to receive love from others because you can not receive my love. My love can not be received because you feel that you are unworthy because of all you have done. Oh child that is so untrue! You are and have been forgiven all this time you just have to forgive yourself. Then and only then will you fully be able to receive love from others because then and only then my love, My undying love for you will be received into your heart. Chose love and not pain! Choose to live and not die! Choose freedom and not imprisonment in a prison of your own making! Choose me, for I chose you many years ago on the cross.



Free from the Past

​Child of mine, 
This moment in time when you feel the pain of past regrets, the pain of what you should have done, the pain of what you did do, the pain, the pain that never seems to end. You wake up full of doubt and you are overcome with despair asking yourself what have your done wrong to be feeling like this. You make it through your day with robotic answers of “I’m fine” and “No there is nothing wrong”. You put on a smile that is only as deep as your flesh and you just do what you know to do to just survive.

Oh precious child, My Beautiful one, you are so burdened with what was, that you can not see the Blessings I set before you everyday. You are so focused on yesterday’s that the love  I have for you today is drowned out. Your strength is all gone for you have been living life without allowing me in.  

Let me be your shelter, Let me be your strength, let me carry the burden that is so heavy on you right now, let me show you the way to live this life abundantly, let me be the one you come to, let me be your friend, let me be the one who dries your tears, let me be the one who replaces fear with hope, let me be the one who holds you when you feel that you are all alone, let me be your hero, let me be the father you have longed for all of your life,  let me be your Jesus. 

I promise to never leave you like those that spoke their love for you have left you, I promise to always be there even when you feel you are unworthy. I promise to never be judgmental even when in your eyes you have fallen so far away. I promise to always always love you no matter what may come and no matter how dark it may seem! I will always be there always! 

You just have to give me the chance to show you that I Am true! You have to open up to me and allow me in. The walls you have built around your heart for protection all these years have to come down! Let me help you by healing the hurt of the past and one by one the walls will fall. You have to allow me to love you and not push me away for fear of getting hurt. I would never ever cause you any type of pain unless the pain is from me healing your wounds. 

Don’t you know that I can erase all the painful memories that plague you’re soul. Can’t you see that I have created the path before you and protected you all these years because I love you. One word from me and the enemy will flee. But you have to confide in me and trust in me. I know this life is hard, I know the battles seem to never end. But what you can not see through your pain there is healing. You have to trust me and allow me within!

In due season you will look back and be thankful for all  that you have went through , because it was in the darkest times of your life that the light that you possess in me was the brightest!



My Child of Hope

​My Child of Hope,

I am here!

When you cry out of disappointment and the dreams you have in your heart seem to be fading. Just hold on one more day and know sweet Child I am there!

In the dark hours of the night as you toss and turn… worry and dread seem to have  swallowed your peace. Trust in me my Love and know  I am there!

When your loved ones seem to be going down the wrong path and you see disaster ahead. Give your loved ones to me in prayer and for them and you My Beloved I am there!

Through the pain, and when confusement seems all around just cry out my name for I am and will always be there!

Just waiting for you to allow me in, to comfort you, and hold you, to whisper that I love you and I am guiding and protecting you always…even when you do not feel that I am there…those are the times I have you so close to me that we are One. 

I am for you always and forver and never will leave you! Trust in me. Abide in me. And I will give you peace and rest by covering you with my love. Always!

-Abba, Father God


Warrior Love

My Warrior, My Precious One:
You are loved far more than your human mind can comprehend. You are loved so deeply that I would move heaven and earth to get to you.
I have protected you from so much that you can not see and I have guided you in my ways to the path you are on now.
You have not given up even when things around you seem  hopeless, you kept your course with Me and that warms my heart and brings tears of Joy to my eyes.
My Love, All the sleepless nights, all the tears you cried..have all led up to this place and in this time!
You were created for such a time as this! To be my Warrior, My trail blazer..going out before and preparing the way for those that come up behind you.
So many times you have wondered why things happen the way that they have, Why people left you, Why you seem to Never get ahead…Sweet Child, everything that happens and everything that is going on is what I have allowed in your life to develop my character, my ways within you. Some  of the things  I have allowed in your life have birthed in you Trust in me, while others things have caused your faith to grow stronger…Everything, even the bad…you have allowed me to use to Heal you and to cause your Spirit to grow a little everyday.
What the enemy meant for your destruction I have turned into Praise in Your heart.
You are a Mighty Warrior, My Beautiful One in whom I am so Proud!
The coming days will bring confusion and doubt to so many but not to you!
Your Faith in me through it all, all you have been through, Your faith is strong and your Love is Pure! Hold on to that and do not be swayed by anything!
I am with you always and forever! Your are my Beloved and I am your King, Your Friend, Your Love Always!
-Abba, Father God

Child Of Mine

Dear Child of Mine,

If you could only see the beauty that I see
If you could only feel this love that I feel
If you could only hear the beautiful song within
My child come to me

The blood I shed on the cross was for you
The tears of blood that I cried in the garden was for you
The stripes I received and the crown of thorns
all for you
My child come to me

Let me break the chains that bind you
Give to me your worries and your fears
Cast at my feet your heavy load
I’ll take it from you because I love you
My child come to me

You are my love, my child
I’ll be your friend
Whatever you need I will be
All you have to do is let me in
All the sins of yesterday are gone
You are forgiven
Now you just have to forgive yourself
Just come to me

All the times you cried out in fear
I was always there but you would keep
me at a distance never letting me near
If you only knew how much you mean to me
My heart breaks when your heart breaks
I shed a tear when you shed a tear
You are my beloved
I am here right here, right now, right beside you
Just come to me child

I delight in your happiness
I want to give to you the desires of your heart
All you have to do is ask
I am not a God to forsake you
or to turn my back on you
Quite the opposite– I run to you
Come to me Child, my precious child

If you only knew the marvelous plans I have for you
You would not let the current circumstances bring you down
You are my chosen vessel, my bride
Even though you lived a life of sin
I was there with you even then
I saw all that was done to you
and I shed a tear the night you almost took your life
I was in the hospital room but I said “No this one is mine”
and breathed back into you the breath of life.
Im here Child, just come to me

I have protected you all these years for
you have great works to do for my kingdom
The work within you has begun
and soon you will reap a great harvest for me
Just hold on my precious one and let me complete
the work within you that I have started
It will not be easy my child as I cleanse
your most inner being
so that I can completely fill you with my spirit and knowledge
Just come to me

But the outcome, oh the beautiful outcome
when it is no longer you people see
but it is me looking through your eyes
what a glorious day

You know my voice for I talk to you all the days
Hold tightly to my hand and listen to my voice
and I promise to continue to
protect and guide your every step just
keep your faith in me, my blessed one

I will keep you hidden from the harm and evil for days to come
Just come to me, abide in me, trust in me.
for I am your and you are mine!

I give to you my strength
from your daddy with love!