The Mighty Divide..The Mighter Harvest

This will be  the season of great triumph as the shift is comming to an end. But will also be season of the great divide.
The divide is there already..deep rooted from days of old…but like an earthquake  the fault line of division is starting to shake/quake.. this will cause a greater divide than ever before.
There will be a mighty uprising to signify this divide and a greater falling away.
To some this may seem hopeless but to me I see nothing but hope.
The harvest, the ones looking for peace, for direction are going to be searching! And we who carry the light of love will be there!
When there is conflict, darkness seems to be overtaking, it is there that the light of Jesus shines the brightest!
Like a single candle in the dark the way will be shown. And the more the candles..less the darkness.
So yes the season of the great divide is at hand but Praise God the greatest Harvest is too.
Be love!! Be the love light of Jesus!
Be Bold! Be You!



Some days I am so weary and heavy burden that I just drag through the day with  my head held down just to make it through work so I can get home.
Somedays I just don’t have it in me to fight! I feel so beaten down and wounded from battle that I allow the hopelessness to invade my peace and I am just taking up space and going through the motions of life.
I would love to say Lord that I am far enough in my walk with you that these things do not happen, but I know that I am not perfect and I am human and life happens.
So for today Lord will you Please just fight for me and allow me to rest in your peace knowing you have me protected.
I Praise You Lord and Give you Thanks for all you have done and will do in my life and the life of my loved ones!
You alone are Jehovah Jireh, My provider, and you will always fulfill your Promises which are Yes and Amen. I Trust in You!! When all seems dark around me and the future so bleak,.,I TRUST in you!
I hold on so tightly to your loving Hand in this storm and I know that  you are my safe harbor, the calming force in the middle of the storm!
So just for today I lay down my sword and lay and rest in you becasue I am so tired of the fight. You say come to you and You will give me Rest and Lord I need that rest today for my physical and spiritual being!
Forever more you are my Love and Forevermore I am your Beloved!
In your Beautiful name Jesus I pray

Servant Of Love

You will never see her fight for she battles by going straight to the throne,
On her knees into the midnight hour she conversates with the Lord.
Sometimes she may get discouraged and questions things to come,
But she never waivers in her Faith, For the Lord her heart as been won.
Her life is a mission field, working the harvest so,
She sees so many wondering in hopelessness searching for somewhere to go.
Where they will feel loved and they will have peace once more,
She goes up to them and shows them love and tells them “Let me introduce you to my Lord”.
She is content in  walking this path with the Lord alone,
Because she is on the battlefield and knows not all are called to where she is called to go.
Her daily prayer is “God send me someone to show your love,
May I be your vessel and your light from above.
Lord if I stumble and I may,
Lift me Lord and set me on my way.
I live to serve you no matter what may come to be,
And I pray Dear God that others see you in when they look at me.
So today Lord I offer you my life,
as a living sacrifice.
For you to use to be your mouthpiece, your feet, your heart, and your eyes,
To this world in much need of freedom from the enemys manipulative lies.
To this world in need of your fatherly embrace,
That will strengthen them to face the giants that may come their way.
Use me Lord even just one more day,
So that I may be the saving force in someones life for you in some small way.”

My Prayer For You

My Prayer For You:

I pray for you peace,
Knowing God will supply all you need.
I pray for you wisdom,
To know, believe and live this life knowing that you are Co-Inheritor of Gods Kingdom.
I pray for you time,
That you will take the time to just look around and enjoy all Gods creation like the beautiful Sun that shines.
I pray for you release,
That you will release all your burdens unto God and just fall at His feet.
I pray that you will arise,
When God calls your name you will arise and no longer hide.
I pray for you freedom,
Freedom from the past, freedom to live this life full of Gods wisdom.
I pray that you dream,
Dream Big and allow God to Position you for your dreams to come to be and you to be all that God created you to be.
Most importantly I pray for you Love!
That you will accept love and that you will receive the Love of God that will saturate your inner being and consume you! God love is everlasting, unconditional, Love!
I Pray for you to LIVE! And to live is to Love and to Love is to let go and to let go is to forgive!

Thank You God

I just want to say THANK YOU God for loving me in spite of my hard headiness and stubborn ways!
THANK YOU God for Never giving up on me even though at times I gave up on myself.
THANK YOU God for seeing Your love and your ways in me and allowing other to see in me what I yet to have the confidence to see in myself.
THANK YOU God for your Grace that covers me and says that I am Worthy and I am Enough.
THANK YOU God for your Mercy that paves the way out of the wilderness onto the Path of Redemption.
THANK YOU God for allowing me to be me, and allowing me to Hide away just for a season in your loving embrace.
THANK YOU God for believing in me and pushing me a little further along the way when I didnt have the strength to stand and carrying me until I did.
THANK YOU God for all the shut doors and unanswered prayers becasue I know that they were used to direct me from my own path in this life back to the path you created for me to walk.
THANK YOU God for being you and loving me!

I Just Want To Say Thank You

Dear Jesus,
Sweet Loving Jesus. I abide in you! You are my Shelter. You are my Safe Harbor! You are My King.
I Trust in You! No matter what may come my way..No matter the storms  I may face..No matter the battles that may come..I Trust in You!
Jesus things may not make sense to me right now and I may not be able to see in front of me of whats to come. But that Is Ok because I know the one who holds tomorrow also holds my heart and my life in His Hands and I will not fear the unknown but will go into like a Warrior ready for battle!
I will Not be swayed and I will not be moved! I am yours and you are mine! I Trust in you!
There are days Jesus when I question it all and I wonder what is going on. I know that in the questioning you do not get upset because you want me to communicate with you.
As long as I do not grow weary and do not loose Hope in the wilderness..You will sustain me and you will guide me into the place of Rest in you!
Jesus you are my Friend! You are my Hope in Glory! You are my King and my Fortress!
Jesus you are My Happily Ever After!
Thank you for Loving me through all my mess! Thank you for never giving up on me while I have been so stubborn and hard headed at times! Thank you for Believing in me and Loving me until I could Love myself! Thank you for being you and allowing me to be me!
I love you more than I could ever explain with words and I am going to spend the rest of my life showing you my love by Glorifying you with my life and Loving others to you!
Thank you! I love you!

I Trust You

Dear God the mountain seems so high somedays and I am just camped out at the bottom. There are times I get half way up to get knocked halfway down.  Doors shut and doors open. But no mattwr what God I will not lose Faith. For you have brought me out of the depths of Hell and have been healing and releasing me a little more every year.
The doubt has lessened and the fear no longer has control. One day at a time is all I can do. One min at a time somedays.
Life can get rough but I am so thankful you are always near by.
So while Im at the foot of the mountain I will build an altar of Praise and know it is your will for me to be where I am in life and it is your will the season that is about to be.
In due time I will climb this mountain, like a deer with hinds feet I will make my way higher than I have yet to be. I just have to trust and surrender  to you and I have to get past me.